Do I Need A Website?

Do I Need A Website?

Are you wondering if you need to invest in a website at all?

Quite often we build a ‘first’ website for companies who have no on-line presence at all and are still being successful. There are two companies I can think of recently who were taking their first steps online.

The first was a very big, national company whose minimum order value was in the region of £1.5million. They felt that because they were not selling online that a website was a bit pointless and they were really only looking at a site because, “that’s what everyone does these days”. The second was a sole trader who felt he was too small to need a website.

So what do these two people have in common?

Both were not really sure that a website was right for them but felt obliged to have one because that’s what everyone does.

Were they right to go ahead and build a website?

Well yes, but not for the reasons that everyone else has one. A website is part of your marketing communications mix, just one tool in your promotional toolkit. So from a business point of view it has to generate a return on investment and this can sometimes be hard to measure. Let’s think of all the ways you could promote your business, in fact, let’s not because there are thousands of ideas and that could take up the whole blog.

Why Do I Need A Website

Let’s focus on two things that are hard facts.

1) If you don’t have a website that is designed to be found on search engines you have exactly zero chance of being found online.

2) If you don’t have a central hub to send people to you have less chance of building trust and turning that person into a customer.

Why Do You Need A Website?

So what can you use a website for?

The first thing is capturing people who are searching for your products and services online. This is thanks to search engine optimisation, the art of getting found online. You can gain an idea of how many people you are missing out on using the Google Ads Words Traffic estimate tool. Better still we can do the research for you to see what the demand for your product or service really is in your area.

Secondly the site can be used to build your trust, authority and expert status, it’s your peacock moment and chance to shine. Critically the site can meet the needs of your customers, be that by providing information, a useful service or full out online system.

More than that a site could be used for other things too, such as becoming part of your recruitment process, helping you to deliver your product or service or even selling directly to your customer. The most important question to answer is what is the goal of the website?

Once you know this you can decide if a website is the most economical way of achieving this goal for your business.

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James Ryan

Excellent Post, very informative and helpful to small and medium companies, you would be suprised how many still do not have websites, even for point of contact.

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David Collins

Thank you for helping with my decision, i was thinking of contacting you anyway but this has made my mind up!

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Rebecca Foster

We have already had our website done by in2pcs and was very happy with all of the team and the end result, we were also informed of other cool things we could use it for and can now track all of the visits on each page or promotion.

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