Get Found Online

Get Found Online

Do you want more people to find your website?

There are some really simple steps you can take today that that will help you get great results that are measureable.

1) Write Well, good copy is essential. You should focus on the benefits of your products and use language that people will want to read. Of course you should do some research around the key terms people will use to search for you.

Try and include these terms in your copy and repeat key terms. But keep it clear, people are still more powerful than search-bots! Writing BEST WEBSITE DESIGNER UK a thousand times won’t fool anyone!

2) Organise Yourself, make your site easy to navigate. Clear titles and page layouts will make your site more user-friendly and the search engines like it too.

Remember if people like your site they will recommend it to others and are more likely to keep coming back. The amount of visits to your site will help to boost your rankings too.

3) Be alive! Static sites with no updates will soon lose any ranking you achieve. Incorporate inbound links and updates from social media sites.

Get Your Business Found Online.

This keeps your site updated without any extra effort on your part. Make sure you review your content from time to time too. Your business doesn’t stand still, neither should your website.

4. Use Alt tags on images. Search engines are good but they can’t read the thousand words your pictures tell. If you have used images they hopefully relate to something you are describing. (If not why are they there?!)

Make sure you use the ‘alt’ function to describe each picture to the Search-Bots. This is a great place to use your key words.

Get Your Business Found Online.

5) Plan, plan what you want to achieve from the site before you let the developer get her/his hands on the brief.

The SEO should be an integral part of the site design and development, not just a bolt on at the end. Plan well and rise through the result rankings!

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Sandra Bird

In2pcs did my SEO at the same time as the website development and we are on page 1 (right at the top as well) locally when searching for our services and have been since two weeks after the site went live, try it yourself Acupuncture Lincoln.

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Richard Mountain

In2pcs did our SEO back in 2007, we was found locally online within 1 week and on the first page of google, yahoo and bing (msn back then), even after the staff at In2pcs had specifically stated they could not guarantee but would do there best by ticking all the boxes google ask them to, well 10 years later and our company is still on page 1 for used vans lincoln, used vehicles lincoln, and both with lincolnshire, we wouldnt use anybody else for our SEO services and can highly recommend In2pcs.

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Gordon Spiers

Not only can we be found on the first page of google for our main service signs lincoln but we can now be found for every other service we offer from laser engraving to vehicle signs and from banners right to labels and stickers, first page every time, very impressed with the service i received and more importantly the end result and lots more enquiries.

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