How to plan a killer website in 5 simple steps.

Plan A Killer Website in 5 Simple Steps

There is a crucial step in the website planning process that most people miss.

So here’s our step by step guide to planning a killer website (and reducing the overall build costs)

1) Know everything you can about who you are building the site for.

The website is not yours, it is your customers. So your content planning and everything you plan to have on there must meet a need for a customer.

More specifically it will aim to reduce one or more of their pains or increase their pleasure. Step one is to list all your customers pains and pleasures, and if you don’t know what these are then ask your intended audience.

2) Know what you want people to do when they are on the site.

This is mission critical and often missed. People landing on the site will need directing strongly and clearly as to what you want them to do.

All roads must lead to that path. Do you want them to sign up to your email list? Purchase something, fill in an enquiry form, What is the goal of the site?

5 Simple Steps To Create A Killer Website.

3) Think about your content, even write it before developing your site.

If you want to reduce the overall build costs (and most people do) then developers love it when you provide the content first.

How To Plan A Killer Website.

If you’re not fantastic at copy then consider hiring a copywriter, this can be anything from £40 per page upwards.

There are really only a few things that help the page to work and copy is a major part of that, so it is worth investing in.

4) Pictures speak a thousand words.

The second element of the site content is the images you will use to portray your business. Where possible we highly recommend using custom photos that have been professionally taken rather than stock images.

This helps to position your site as an authority and reflects your brands quality.

5) Bringing it all together.

Your development team can then help you to bring all this together and plan out the look and feel and functionality of the site.

We provide a detailed specification with each site development that shows exactly how the site will be built. We even have copywriters and photographers who can work with you on the planning phase if you need them.

Planning A Killer Website.

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