How We Do What We Do

Some say its magic, others voodoo to us here at in2pcs its as easy as 123 and as simple as the English language (with silly Americanisms).

In2pcs Our Process

Our process is a simple one and focuses on you. We take time to understand your business, your customers and your goals.

People Before Programmers.

Even if you are scared of technology and don’t understand the web, we can help because we talk in plain English not techno-babble.

Let us worry about the best way to actually build and design, all you need to focus on is what’s best for your business.

A Way Of Creating

Websites and applications can be created using many languages, structures and processes, over the years we have seen lots of ways to develop and have created a process that leads us to this decision, this is usually based upon the first consultation


It all starts with a conversation.


Ideas are bounced around.


You decide on a scope or draft.


The design is then constructed.


The project development begins.


Testing and tweaking before final launch.

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In2pcs Skills & Languages

Over the past 10 years In2pcs have written with

& are proficient in the following editors & languages

HTML 5 & CSS (Web Development)

99% Complete

JAVASCRIPT & JQUERY (Ajax, jscript)

92% Complete


75% Complete

PHP (Linux, Unix Server Language)

100% Complete

ASP.NET (Windows Server Language C+ C++)

80% Complete

CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc)

95% Complete

E-COMMERCE (Magento, prestashop, WooCommerce, etc)

95% Complete

Mobile Applications (Tablets & Phones)

75% Complete

Client Comments

Why Choose In2pcs

Our clients tell us these are the most important things when choosing us.

Understanding You

All our developments start by listening to you and getting to know your business, your audience and your goals. We understand you want a tool to help your business grow and that’s exactly what we deliver. Our first questions are always around your business, getting to know you before we make recommendations that suit you.

Clear Communication

We know that the web can be confusing and actively despise techno babble that just makes things more complicated than it needs to be. When we talk through the development process, say what we will be doing and feedback on progress we leave the jargon at the door. We pride ourselves on being easy to communicate with and easy to understand.

Fully Comprehensive

A website isn’t just a technical development, it includes great copy, great images and media and a great deal of planning too. We have a team of people who deliver all these things who work closely with us to provide one of the most fully comprehensive website developments you will find. We want you to succeed and will make sure our guidance makes this a reality.

Flexible Futures

Are you a number 1 or 2? Number 1’s want to do everything themselves in the future, have a site they take total control of. Number 2’s want everything done for them at the end of an email or call. We have a mix of both in our client base, that’s what we offer with flexible futures, a site you can take away or one we can maintain for you. So whichever option you would prefer you will be delighted.

Website Performance

Your site has a purpose, it does something for your business. We are fully focused on this from the very start and will help advise the best tools to achieve your goals. We will also make sure that you fully understand how to monitor the performance of your site over the long term so you know that it is reaching the goals you set.

Stress Free

Our clear communication, availability and passion mean this process should be as stress free as possible for you. We know the parts of the development that are likely to cause worry or hassle and we put measures in place to forewarn and forearm. Everything we do is with reducing your stress in mind.

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In2pcs Deliver

What do In2pcs bring to the table and how will this benefit you?

Creative Business Ideas

We can help you structure & design your online presence to get maximum results.

Clean Web Designs

In2pcs always design websites that have a clean, clear & easy to navigate structure.

Professional Team

You have a professional, experienced team behind you helping you make the right decisions.


Fast Loading Sites

Fast loading websites are a must with the majority of web searches performed on mobiles.

Mobile Friendly Code

Responsive mobile development is something we have been delivering as standard since 2012.

Web Traffic

More enquiries is the aim of any development in our experience and this is what we deliver.





In2pcs Portfolio

We have had the opportunity to deliver the below projects.

More can be found in our portfolio.


New Web Design


New Web Design
Map Floors


New Web Design
Ronnie Staton Coaching


New Web Design
Clear Paraplanning


Web Redesign
Mountain Motor Vehicles


New Web Development
An Shen Acupuncture


New Web Design
Sherwoodvale Development

In2pcs Clients

Over the past 10 years we have worked alongside the following companies

In2pcs Can Help!

Focused online advertising & custom development.

Helping you get more enquiries & sales.

Website Redesign

& Updates

If your website needs a bit of an update, sprucing up or just redesigning from the ground up, we can help!

Digital Direction

& Marketing Plans

Need some direction? we can help you format an online marketing plan and follow that plan through to development & delivery.


Member's Area

& Management

Need areas of your website or members area locking down? want to drip feed content over a period of time? in2pcs can help!


& Single Products

Do you have a single product, seperate product or lots of products you would like advertising & selling online? we can help!

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