Posts Vs Pages

Pages vs Posts

Using WordPress? What is the difference between a page and a post?

So on the surface pages and posts look almost the same right? So which do you use?

Pages are used for your main content, they are the structure of the site whereas Posts are more flexible they are typically used for the blog part of the website..

So let’s dive deep on what you would use each of these for.

Think about using a page when you know the content on that page will be displayed as a static item. Typical examples might be the home page, services, or about us pages. These are things that are not time sensitive.

Pages tend not to be social either, by that I mean you probably won’t want people to comment on or share the page, they are information giving not engagement encouraging content.

Most importantly pages are part of a hierarchy of pages. So you can have a parent page and sub-pages below that to form a structure of pages.

Pages vs Posts

Plus when you get technical and start playing with themes, then you can create custom page layouts for your theme (or buy one already made!

Posts then have some other features that pages do not.

So posts are displayed in date order, usually the newest first, this makes them perfect for time sensitive information like the news or blog articles you might want to display.

Which is Best to Use Pages or Posts

You can also group posts together using categories or tags, so you might want to tag a post as about web design for example and have people be able to see all the posts relating to web design.

Because posts are notoriously focused on the date they are published they can also be linked to RSS feeds, or RSS-Icon automatically emailed to your subscriber list when a new one is published.

Post are much more social too, frequently you will want people to comment on your posts and share their content via social media.

There you have it, the most common differences between pages and posts and which to use when.

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Ronnie Staton

In2pcs manage my blog across both of my websites and i have seen a massive increase in the enquiries i get for my runner coaching business, posts are equally as important to my clients as the pages, if not more.

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Ray Ricketts

In2pcs manage our church website blog, events calendar and also our preaching timetable, this is always updated on time and to a uniformed standard which out parishioners have come to love!

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Clifford Jones

We use our blog to update our customers about upcoming promotions and new products, in2pcs have managed this for the last 10 years and our business has grown from strength to strength, we now have two showrooms and a sister company.

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