Dean Cox first contacted In2pcs in 2007 when HTML was very basic, since 2007 we have now designed 3 websites for Sherwoodvale Development, the last being mid 2017, the spec has changed everytime adding more to the development enabling Dean to automate most of the functionality within the website, more services and more images to the portfolio, the main focus of the website.

This development was more based around making the website responsive (Mobile Friendly) and creating a seperate page for each service, allowing for greater SEO (try it on google, bing or yahoo, search bespoke builders lincolnshire, general builders lincolnshire, should be top, page 1), we also developed a "Lazy Load" gallery allowing ease of navigation on mobile devices for his works gallery.

Other additions to the website were the new logo, a projects portfolio and a blog for seasonal promotions and general updates to what Sherwoodvale have been working on recently, this agains adds to the SEO helping Sherwoodvale rank highly wihin the search engines.

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